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Blogger Dave! said...

Why do you dislike XML?

12:12 PM  
Blogger Gus said...

Basically for the normal reasons. It's massive overkill for 90% of the things its used for; and the rest are complex enough that you really should design your own data type for efficiency reasons.

I've seen far too many people fumble around with datasets in XML -- after having spent a boatload of time upfront converting from some native data structure into an XML data structure -- that I could manipulate better with a single line shell script. And that without having to convert them from their native structure.

XML is a great big hammer, which makes everything look like a great big nail. But most things are small nails, if they are nails at all.

Not to knock it entirely. Sometimes you need a great big hammer; and when you do, it's great to have one around.

Of course, these are the words of an old curmudgeon of a computer guy. I'm the type who only writes in C, and that only if I don't have an assembler handy. And, I'm the type who, if I want the flexibility of XML for data types, would prefer to work in a type-free lambda calculus.

Hope that's neither too much nor too little of an answer.


8:25 PM  
Blogger Dave! said...

No, that's a good answer. And accurate on some levels--people do often try to drive in a thumb-tack with a pneumatic jackhammer.

I like XML myself. And you may say I'm a schemer, but I'm not the only one... Sorry, it's late and I couldn't help myself. :)

12:58 AM  

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