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Anonymous JCA said...

Chicago has no blogsphere.

Chicago needs no blogsphere.

Whaddaya wanna make us into Michigan or something?

9:40 AM  
Blogger The Law Fairy said...

If Chicago isn't in the blogsphere, it's because the blogsphere still needs to catch up to Chicago.

And Spencer hasn't updated his blog in, like, forever.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Gus said...

Amen, Law Fairy. I'm trying to figure out if JCA's being ironic; or perhaps if she's trying to take the blogsphere with her.

You crazy 3Ls... from the perspective of a 1L, this 3 year thing is really quite odd. 3Ls are close enough to us 1Ls that we actually get to know some of you; but then you up and leave. It's really quite frustrating.

Kind of like Spencer, I guess. He spends a few weeks every now and again writing brilliant posts that leave us hoping for more. And then he disappears. Oh well.

Though, none of that is to take away from y'all (either by comparing you to Spencer, or my selfishly saying that I find it shocking that you are leaving the school).

And, Spencer's lack of updation corresponds with A3G's complaining about her workload and switching to a less frequent posting cycle! Though, Spencer was in town during A3G's trip to CT's office. So, unless he's mastered the art of being to two places at once, I expect that he is not she.


10:46 PM  

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